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Personal information manager

OpenPim is an easy to use PIM software. It allows you to organize your contacts, web-links, passwords, events and notes in one file. You don't have to mess around searching for different pieces of information anymore. They're all just one click away from you now!

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OpenPim benefits

  • All your personal information is stored in one file. You can carry it between your home and office PCs, you can always have it with yourself on a flash-card . If you save your data in OpenPim, you're confident that you can always easily access it. OpenPim will never lose your information.
  • OpenPim database is human-readable xml-based file. So using OpenPim you will not depend on proprietary binary file format. You will be able to access your data even from the Notepad. You will be able to transfer your data to any other software if you need.
  • You don't have to remember lots of passwords. Encrypt them with one password you remember and no one will ever read them except you!
  • You can use any browser you like, and even all of them. If your web-links are in OpenPim they'll always be with you
  • You will never lose addresses, phones, icq, email, web-pages of your friends, relatives and colleagues
  • OpenPim is as easy to use as Windows Explorer
  • OpenPim allows you to organize your data the way YOU like. It just adapts to you, to the way YOU think!
  • OpenPim is Unicode based, so it can easily store data in YOUR native language whatever it is.

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24 january 2010 - OpenPim 3.1

13 september 2009 - OpenPim 3.0

2 june 2009 - OpenPim 2.5.1 with Brazilian Portuguese translation

26 april 2009 - OpenPim 2.5

30 august 2008 - OpenPim 2.4.1

7 july 2008 - OpenPim 2.4 with print note functionality

28 april 2008 - OpenPim 2.3.1 with "Add link" issue fixed

26 april 2008 - OpenPim 2.3 with dock panels

6 january 2008 - OpenPim 2.2 with improved text editor

10 october 2007 - OpenPim 2.1 with catalan translation

1 march 2007 - OpenPim 2.0

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